Cisco Champion 2016


The Cisco Champions for 2016 are announced today and I am proud an very honoured to be selected as a Cisco Champion for the 3th year in a row!

For more information about the Cisco Champion program, click here.

As another bonus this year, my colleague Rob Heygele is selected as Cisco Champion for the 2nd year in a row! Congrats to him and offcourse to all other fellow Champions of 2016! See you soon!



Cisco ACI Initial APIC configuration

There are a lot of blog posts around about the Cisco ACI technology and design tips and tricks. If you want to know more about ACI, please read the Cisco ACI Fundamentials 

This post describes your first steps to create and installation of a ACI fabric. Our example design will look like this:

ACI network layout

Our network will exist in only one datacenter with two spine switches, two leaf switches and two  APIC controllers. The spine and leaf switches are connected with 40Gb/s, the APIC controllers are multihomed with 1Gb/s links.

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SSH tunnel with PuTTY

Imagine, you can SSH to a host / server and use this SSH server as a proxy to access any local webserver (or anything else) on the local network of the SSH server… This is easily possible with PuTTY (awesome SSH client!).

As a demo, lets say we have the following topology:


We would like to manage the local firewall ( from a pc on the internet. We assume   that we can SSH into the SSH server.

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SDN – A Cisco Champion’s perspective

I’ve had another opportunity to write a blog post for Cisco’s blog site: My second Cisco blog post is about my perspective and view about SDN, Software Defined Networking.

We’ve all heard about SDN but no one does have a real understanding about it. You can read my view on todays SDN in this blog post.

The link: SDN – A Cisco Champion’s perspective

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